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Meet Our Students

Yaman Shiekh Deia, Aleppo

Computer Science

Class of 2015


"Something I said." -Yaman





Kinan Mahayni, Damascus


Class of 2016


"Being raised in a culture that has hundreds of years of history would make anyone proud."




Basel Alhaj, Damascus


Class of 2017


"Getting a scholarship from UE changed my life."




Nour AlSirafi, Damascus


Class of 2017


"...the picture of that beautiful ancient city has never left my mind."




Hashem Hatahet, Damascus

Civil Engineering/Engineering Management

Class of 2017


"...I would give everything to go back to the days when no one knew Syria even existed."


Hassan Taki Eddin, Damascus


Class of 2017


" grandmother would tell me to invite everyone for over dinner."



Majd Soufan, Damascus

Computer Science/Math 

Class of 2017


"I am very lucky to be alive now, but I believe that I did not die on that day for a reason."

Mohamad Soufan, Damascus

Computer Science/Math 

Class of 2017


"It is worth mentioning that I never felt mistreated or discriminated against because I was a Syrian or a foreigner."

Tayssir Altounsi, Damascus


Class of 2017


"I would do anything in this world just to relive a day in Syria when no conflict was happening."

Nabil AlHaffar, Damascus

Biochemistry/Exercise Science

Class of 2018


"People ought to forget their personal vengeance and work on rebuilding their homeland."

Nafea' Sukkar, Damascus


Class of 2018


"God bless Syria."

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