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“Yes, certain actions might be drops in a bucket,” said Nicholas Kristoff, New York Times columnist, “but that’s how we fill buckets.”

Two Ways of Giving


#1 / Ongoing Projects

The Syrian conflict has displaced over 11 million people: half the pre-war population. Donations help us:

  • bring speakers to our partner universities

  • host film screenings and music events

  • spearhead clothing and supply drives for local families

  • implement education outreach projects in the US and abroad

Find our projects from 2016 till now on our Events page. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization and your donations are tax-deductible.

Every so often I get a message reminding me that far too often, the survival of individual students and their families depends on their encounters with compassionate people who can help them access the resources they need to be independent. It is individuals like you, plugging the gaps, that produce real consequences.


Thank you in advance for your generosity and support of our work.

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#2 / Crowdfunding for Displaced Students

Scholars for Syria is now collaborating with edSeed, an innovative, bottom-up, crowdfunding platform changing the lives of displaced students through education. We are determined to continue the work of education advocacy and expand our scope to others both offshore and in the US who need help with tuition.

Why? Because less than 1% of refugee students have a shot at a college degree. We not only imagine the difference earning a degree can make in the lives of displaced scholars and their families - we have seen this difference ourselves and we are excited to be able to amplify the advocacy in this new way.

edSeed allows students to create their own story and appeal directly to donors who can connect with students who share their interests. Only accredited universities and educational institutions will receive donated funds, so 100% of your donation will be transferred to the student’s university or scholarship foundation. Click on the link below and get to know these amazing young scholars: the promising ones who will create a new Syria. Watch their videos, read their profiles, understand their dreams. These underrepresented voices are confident and persistent, but they need a push to get to the next step. The potential is enormous, and we have the kind of hope that these future leaders can use to reseed, regrow, and rebuild their nation. 

The outcome of doing nothing is nothing, so we hope you join us in spreading hope in a creative, concrete, compassionate way. Please consider sponsoring one of our young scholars either individually or through your company; as you well know, every small amount makes a huge difference to a student and a leap forward toward their dream of college. 

"Until you can go home, let love be your haven." ~Anonymous

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