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Changing views and
attitudes toward Syria

Scholars for Syria partnered with the UE Social Innovation Global Awareness Program to develop a class for UE students to collaborate and create educational initiatives to address the Syrian crisis. In the first semester of this GAP class, students worked with five local high schools to bring Syrian students studying at UE into local Evansville classrooms. These scholars presented about Syria and engaged in a question and answer session.  The GAP students evaluated the effectiveness of this programming through pre and post surveys, as well as optional reflection responses.  The results were convincing: Having a Syrian scholar interact with these high school students changed many of their views and attitudes, and following the presentations they were more likely to view Syrians favorably. High school students also participated in a white board campaign to say why they #standwithsyria.  

Check out the gallery below to see the campaign, learn more about the GAP project, and stay tuned for our upcoming education initiative in Northwest Syria.


Scholars for Syria officers Megan King, Kendra Mehling,

Kristen Fowler

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