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Event Schedule

Past Events: Spring Semester 2016


All seminars below will be held at UE's Harkness Hall, located in the Schroeder School of Business (corner of Lincoln and Rotherwood), Room 162, Thursdays from 6:00 - 9:00.

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Dr. Bashar Mourad

21st Century Holocaust? The Syrian Conflict and Its Human Cost            

Dr. Wes Milner

Historical and political context of the Syrian conflict

Imam Omar Atia

Islam, religion, and Syria: How do they all connect?

Dr. Derek Jones

Wired for Hate? The cognitive psychology of xenophobia

Dr. Richard Maass

Discrimination and counterterrorism in Syria

Road to Mafraq

A story of hope from Syrian refugees

Life as a Syrian in America

Humanizing the conflict with local Syrians

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