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Join Syrian physician Dr. Bashar Mourad of the Syrian American Medical Society, as he presents photos from the SAMS missions and discusses the healthcare crisis both inside and outside Syria and the current work to ensure healthcare development for refugees and displaced people.

Spring 2022

Syrian American Medical Society

University of Evansville / Center for Change + Innovation

Fall 2021

Don't Look Away: Inside Syria's Prisons and the Road to Justice 
Syrian Emergency Task Force & The Caesar Exhibit


A photo exhibit/panel discussion with activist Mouaz Moustafa, former detainee Omar Alshogre, and U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Stephen Rapp. The photos document atrocities committed by the Assad regime. Moderated by NPR's Deborah Amos. 

Fall 2020

A Night with Omar Offendum and Friends

In the dark time of Covid, we asked the superbly talented and incomparable Syrian-American spoken word poet Omar Offendum to spend some time with us on Zoom, where he graciously shared his platform with 5 Seton Hall students: Mateus Bueno, Akaysha Palmer, Liz Rauchet, Nina Kabakibi, and Lana Hannineh to come together and use the power of music and poetry to express ideas about race, justice and injustice, war, peace, humanity, and hope, along with Damascus and coffee.

Fall 2019

Author, Journalist, Pulitzer Prize Nominee Sam Dagher on Syria
at Seton Hall University

"From the Mediterranean Crossing to Central America's Migrant Caravans: How the Syrian Crisis Fueled a Global Backlash Against Immigrants and Refugees. 

Spring 2019

Reconstruction Starts Here: Building a Future for Syrian Youth

How do we imagine a future for Syrian youth after all the trauma they have endured? us as Lina Sergie of The Karam Foundation maps out an alternative vision for Syrian teenagers, where cutting-edge technology, social camraderie, and expert mentors are a world away from war and despair. 

Spring 2018

Immigration and Syria: Foundations and Consequences of the American Ethnic Hierarachy / Dr. Rob Shelby

Creating a context for understanding current attitudes regarding Syrians in the U.S, including recent immigration policy, followed by a tribute to our three graduating Syrian seniors.

Angel from Aleppo: Music for a Cause
Mariela Shaker

The story of this young violinist's journey from war-torn Syria to UNHCR ambassador for peace through music. Mariela performs with UE professor Garnet Ungar. 
March 22nd, 2018
Anchor 3

Syrian-American Medical Society

Drs. Bashar Mourad and Hisham Allababidi of SAMS present current projects and urgent fundraising needs. We could not post their talk because of a CBS-produced video protected by copyright law, but we offer here a short overview of the important work of SAMS. 
March 15th, 2018

Under a Sky of Hell: Updates from Ghouta
Sana Mustafa & Shiyam Galyon

Sana Mustafa, an activist from Damascus, discusses the current political situation in her homeland along with Shiyam Galyon providing context from a Syrian-American perspective.
March 1st, 2018

Spring 2017

Anchor 4

Celebrating UE Syrians

Our successful GAP/Syrian school outreach program and briefing on future plans, followed by four of our eight graduating Syrian seniors.

Dr. Wes Milner

The Emerging Political Dynamics of the Syrian Crisis.
Anchor 5
Anchor 6

Dr. Lora Becker

Neural Development in a War Zone.

Dr. Lisa Kretz

How to be Ethical: Seeding Moral Action.

Immigration, Green Cards, and Asylum: What’s Legal?

Immigration law experts David Guerrettaz and Abby Seif discuss the travel ban and its implications. 

Spring 2016

Life as a Syrian in America

Humanizing the conflict with UE Syrians.
Anchor 1

Road to Mafraq

A story of hope from Syrian refugees.

Dr. Richard Maass

Discrimination and counterterrorism
in Syria.

                              Dr. Derek Jones

Wired for hate?
The cognitive psychology of xenophobia

     Imam Omar Atia

Islam, Religion, Syria: How do they connect?

Dr. Wes Milner
The historical and political context of the Syrian conflict.


 Dr. Bashar Mourad 
Syrian-American Medical Society


21st Century Holocaust?
The Syrian conflict and its human cost.
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